Does Adobe Creative Cloud Include After Effects?

Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) has become a staple for creative professionals around the world. It offers a vast library of applications for graphic design, video editing, animation, and more. But with so many options, it can be confusing to keep track of which programs are included in different subscription plans.

This article dives deep into the question: Does Adobe Creative Cloud include After Effects? The answer is a resounding yes. After Effects is a core component of the Creative Cloud suite, available in most subscription plans.

Why After Effects is Included in Creative Cloud

After Effects is widely considered the industry standard for motion graphics and visual effects. It allows users to create stunning animations, compositing elements from various sources, adding special effects, and much more.

Including After Effects in Creative Cloud offers several benefits:

  • Seamless Integration: After Effects works seamlessly with other Creative Cloud applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and Audition. This allows for a smooth workflow where you can easily import assets from other programs and create complex projects.
  • Constant Updates: Creative Cloud ensures you always have access to the latest version of After Effects with bug fixes, new features, and performance improvements.
  • Streamlined Licensing: With a single Creative Cloud subscription, you get access to After Effects and a host of other creative tools, eliminating the need to purchase individual licenses for each program.

Which Creative Cloud Plans Include After Effects?

Most Creative Cloud plans include After Effects. Here's a quick breakdown:

  • Individual Plans: All Individual plans, including Photography, Design, and All Apps, offer After Effects along with other essential applications.
  • Student and Teacher Editions: These plans also provide access to After Effects, making them a valuable option for educational institutions.
  • Business and Enterprise Plans: These plans cater to teams and businesses and come with additional features like team management tools and centralized deployment. After Effects is included in most Business and Enterprise plans.

It's important to note that specific plan details can vary depending on your region and chosen options. Always check the latest information on the Adobe website to ensure you're getting the plan that best suits your needs.

Beyond After Effects: The Power of Creative Cloud

While After Effects is a major draw for many creatives, Creative Cloud offers a treasure trove of other applications:

  • Photoshop: The industry standard for image editing and manipulation.
  • Illustrator: Powerful vector graphics software for creating logos, illustrations, and icons.
  • Premiere Pro: Professional video editing software for creating films, commercials, and other video content.
  • InDesign: The go-to application for creating page layouts for magazines, brochures, and other publications.
  • Audition: A comprehensive audio editing tool for recording, mixing, and mastering sound.
  • And many more: Creative Cloud includes a wide range of additional applications for photography, web design, user experience (UX) design, and more.

By subscribing to Creative Cloud, you gain access to a constantly evolving suite of creative tools that can take your projects to the next level.


Adobe Creative Cloud offers a powerful and versatile solution for creative professionals. With After Effects as a core component, Creative Cloud provides everything you need for motion graphics, animation, visual effects, and much more. The seamless integration with other Creative Cloud applications and the constant stream of updates make it a compelling choice for anyone looking to push the boundaries of their creativity.

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